Definition of pyroxene in English:



  • Any of a large class of rock-forming silicate minerals, generally containing calcium, magnesium, and iron and typically occurring as prismatic crystals.

    ‘Extreme cases are found in mineral groups such as apatite, amphibole, pyroxene, feldspar, and tourmaline.’
    • ‘This is consistent with the fact that olivine is typically entrapped in pyroxene and amphibole crystals.’
    • ‘Chain silicates are called pyroxenes or inosilicates.’
    • ‘Therefore, pyroxene is the next mineral to start forming after olivine.’
    • ‘This sample contains large plagioclase and pyroxene crystals, some of which have a sponge-like texture.’



/pīˈräkˌsēn/ /paɪˈrɑkˌsin/ /pəˈräkˌsēn/ /pəˈrɑkˌsin/


Early 19th century from pyro-‘fire’ + Greek xenos ‘stranger’ (because the mineral group was supposed alien to igneous rocks).