Definition of Pythagorean in English:


Pronunciation /pəˌTHaɡəˈrēən/ /pəˌθæɡəˈriən/

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  • 1Relating to or characteristic of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras or his ideas.

    ‘the Pythagorean doctrine of the transmigration of souls’
    • ‘Newton's axiom on slicing the pie to satisfy musical harmonies is reminiscent of Kepler's Pythagorean speculations.’
    • ‘Kepler's discovery of the Third Law is a striking application of Pythagorean principles.’
    • ‘Commitment to Plato's philosophy tended to reinforce a Pythagorean orientation towards science.’
    • ‘The rise of mathematics in the Pythagorean school had revealed for the first time the power of thought.’
    • ‘According to Aristotle, the Pythagorean approach suffers from exclusive preoccupation with formal causes.’
    • ‘Damon, a Pythagorean philosopher, was intimate with Pythias.’
    • ‘Pythagorean natural philosophers read musical harmonies into the universe at large.’
    • ‘The Pythagorean orientation yielded substantial dividends in his astronomical investigations.’
    • ‘Pythagorean political influence is attested well into the 4th century.’
    • ‘This is the Pythagorean notion of reality against which Zeno directed his arguments.’
    1. 1.1Relating to Pythagoras' theorem that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
      ‘a repetitive Pythagorean angular geometry’
      • ‘The size of the reduced truss be derived from a simple Pythagorean equation.’
      • ‘Can a Pythagorean triangle have two equal sides?’
      • ‘Generalizing the Pythagorean equation for triangles with integer sides to powers greater than 2 leads to Fermat's last theorem.’
      • ‘We challenge the reader with these observations of Pythagorean right triangles.’
      • ‘Not all right triangles constructible in Euclidean geometry can be constructed in Pythagorean geometry.’
      • ‘The Euclidean construction axiom allows for the extraction of all real square roots and thus includes even more constructions than the Pythagorean axiom.’
      • ‘A Pythagorean triple is a set of three natural numbers that satisfies Pythagoras' theorem.’
      • ‘A Pythagorean triad is a set of numbers that would represent the sides of a right triangle.’
      • ‘Using this theorem, Euclid can perform the old Pythagorean proof of Pythagoras' theorem correctly.’
      • ‘The postage stamp shown here celebrates the Pythagorean relationship that was discovered over 2500 years ago.’


  • A person who supports the theories of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.

    ‘the early Pythagoreans represented numbers by means of dots arranged in certain patterns’
    • ‘One may be a Pythagorean today without being impressed by Bode's law.’
    • ‘The tradition that he was a Pythagorean first appears in Plutarch.’
    • ‘Clement of Alexandria called Philo 'the Pythagorean'.’
    • ‘Aristotle does not explicitly call him a Pythagorean and appears to treat him as an important independent thinker.’
    • ‘The later tradition almost universally identifies him as a Pythagorean.’
    • ‘Earlier scholars took this comparison of him to the Pythagoreans as confirmation that he was a Pythagorean.’
    • ‘The committed Pythagorean believes that if a mathematical relation fits phenomena, this can hardly be a coincidence.’
    • ‘He was the most prominent Pythagorean of the preceding generation.’
    • ‘Aristotle and Theophrastus refer to him a number of times but never identify him as a Pythagorean.’
    • ‘It only makes sense to compare him with the Pythagoreans and wonder who influenced whom.’