Definition of Pythagorist in English:


Pronunciation /pʌɪˈθaɡ(ə)rɪst/ /pɪˈθaɡ(ə)rɪst/


  • A follower of Pythagoras or of Pythagorean philosophy or doctrine; (frequently depreciative) a person devoted to the observance of the mystical or ritual (as opposed to the scientific) aspects of Pythagorean doctrine.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in Abraham Fleming (c1552–1607), author, literary editor, and Church of England clergyman. From post-classical Latin Pythagorista or its etymon ancient Greek Πυθαγοριστής follower of Pythagoras (also occasionally derogatory) from Πυθαγόρας, the name of Pythagoras + -ιστής, after Πυθαγορίζειν.