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  • 1A large heavy-bodied nonvenomous snake occurring throughout the Old World tropics, killing prey by constriction and asphyxiation.

    Family Pythonidae: genera Python (of Asia and Africa), and Morelia and Aspidites (of Australasia)

    ‘Anacondas are related to boa constrictors and pythons.’
    • ‘Non-venomous snakes like boas and pythons grab their prey and squeeze them to death.’
    • ‘I used to keep pythons and boa constrictors years ago.’
    • ‘It actually belongs to the python family, boa constrictor, which is non-venomous.’
    • ‘Snakes really are rather wonderful - I saw file snakes, puff adders and huge pythons.’
    • ‘Leopards, hyenas, jackals, sloth bears, cobras, pythons, mongooses and monitor lizards move silently through its forests.’
    • ‘They will include pythons, cobras, sand boas, snakes and monitor lizards.’
    • ‘While human encounters with cobras, vipers, and pythons can prove fatal, more often than not it is the snakes that are killed.’
    • ‘Some snakes, such as pythons, retain tiny leg bones, which may be visible as minuscule claws at the base of the tail.’
    • ‘Poachers illegally trade in snakes such as the Indian python, slaughtering the snake for their skin.’
    • ‘Burmese pythons widely regulate intestinal performance with each meal.’
    • ‘It belongs to the same family as the python and anaconda, which reach lengths of up to 9 or 10m.’
    • ‘Perhaps even more worrying, the pythons may be preying on native mangrove fox squirrels and wood storks.’
    • ‘Flying foxes also live here, plus sea turtles, monitor lizards, pythons, and bearded pigs.’
    • ‘Burmese pythons are popular - and legal - pet snakes.’
    • ‘Burmese pythons, one of the world's largest snakes and a favorite of the pet trade, are overrunning the iconic U.S. park.’
    • ‘The bloated and maggot-ridden bodies of 10 snakes including an eight-foot python have been found dumped in a lake at Cheney Manor.’
    • ‘This particular snake isn't the first python to get a tough lesson in the dangers of swallowing oversize prey.’
    • ‘The snake - a Burmese python - was dumped and later found by a stunned homeowner.’
    • ‘The ribbon rose with the rhythm of a python or a cobra, until the tip was at eye level with my face.’
  • 2

    (also Python)
    A high-level general-purpose programming language.

    ‘This file is read and processed by a (mostly custom built) program written in the python language.’
    • ‘Code the python program to generate the server-side code.’
    • ‘Write a python application that plays the Rock-Paper-Scissors game against the computer.’
    • ‘In Python this is handled automatically via the module/import framework.’
    • ‘Use it to implement a parser for Python's expression syntax.’



/ˈpīˌTHän/ /ˈpaɪˌθɑn/ /ˈpīTH(ə)n/ /ˈpaɪθ(ə)n/


Late 16th century (in the Greek sense): via Latin from Greek Puthōn, the name of a huge serpent killed by Apollo. The main current sense dates from the mid 19th century.