Definition of pyx in English:



  • 1Christian Church
    The container in which the consecrated bread of the Eucharist is kept.

    • ‘He wanted to restore to churches what he called ‘the real thing: vestments, pyxes, sedilia, road screens.’’
    • ‘Romans used ivory for pyxes and on furniture.’
    • ‘Similarly, the consecrated host was to be kept in a fitting manner, in a pyx, a small box made of silver or ivory which could be locked.’
    • ‘As our prayers unfold, I remove the pyx from my shirt pocket.’
  • 2(in the UK) a box at the Royal Mint in which specimen gold and silver coins are deposited to be tested annually at the trial of the pyx by members of the Goldsmiths' Company.

    ‘The pyx is the strong-box in which the coins are delivered to the jury.’


Late Middle English from Latin pyxis, from Greek puxis ‘box’.