Definition of Q fever in English:

Q fever


  • An infectious fever caused by the bacterium Coxiella burnetii, which may be transmitted to humans from cattle, sheep, and other domesticated animals.

    ‘The attackers would have little concern of being exposed to secondary infection because Q fever is not communicable.’
    • ‘Persistent infections in humans can lead to a chronic form of Q fever.’
    • ‘You can catch Q fever by eating or touching contaminated meat.’
    • ‘There were 31 registered cases of Marseilles fever in the past week and one case of Q fever.’
    • ‘‘I came back from Nepal with one of the most rare diseases on the planet - Q fever,’ said Nigel, wrapped up in a blanket.’


Q fever

/ˈkyo͞o ˌfēvər/ /ˈkju ˌfivər/


1930s from Q for query+ fever.