Definition of QE in English:


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  • Quantitative easing.

    ‘This is because QE should lead to a fall in gilt yields, which in turn will force down the rate at which liabilities can be discounted.’
    • ‘Analysts believe the Bank must step up its commitment to QE to bring down gilt yields as part of efforts to revive the wider economy.’
    • ‘Many economics textbooks fail to mention QE, suggesting that this is a new and extreme form of monetary policy.’
    • ‘Indeed one of the reasons the Bank is keen to refer to QE rather than its colloquial name 'printing money' is to distance itself from negative connotations.’
    • ‘So despite the obfuscatory terminology, QE is nothing new.’
    • ‘The biggest danger of QE one that no economist would deny is the destructive inflation that it unleashes.’