Definition of qigong in English:



  • A Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi.

    ‘It is actually a form of qigong, a traditional Chinese practice of exercise and meditation for the cultivation of mind, body and spirit.’
    • ‘The book starts with a basic overview of the Chinese philosophy and history behind tai chi and qigong.’
    • ‘Doing qigong exercises, prana, or Taoist alchemy will cause your hands or other parts to grow hot.’
    • ‘For examples, see Ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic touch, reiki, and qigong.’
    • ‘Internal Qi is developed by individual practice of qigong and it is more beneficial for self-help health promotion.’
    • ‘The goal of qigong is to bring the qi energy of traditional Asian medicine under the control of the mind.’
    • ‘He returned to Indonesia with books and tapes on Falungong but told no one in his qigong exercise group.’
    • ‘Discover tai chi, qigong and meditation for health.’
    • ‘Tiger Woods reportedly practiced qigong - the foundation of tai chi - as a young golfer growing up in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘Thousands of Tai Ji Men practitioners demonstrated qigong and performed dance and choral pieces.’
    • ‘He's been trying qigong, which uses visualization to try to improve health.’
    • ‘The neijia schools give priority to psycho-physical training and qigong (mastering of qi).’
    • ‘To real Buddhists or Taoists or exponents of qigong, the Falungong is a joke, if not an insult.’
    • ‘If you are interested, the YMAA has some truly excellent publications on qigong.’
    • ‘I no longer practice kung fu but practice qigong on a daily basis and also the 3 main internal arts.’



/CHēˈɡäNG/ /tʃiˈɡɑŋ/