Definition of qindar in English:


Pronunciation /kiːnˈdɑː/


(also qintar)
  • A former monetary unit of Albania, equivalent to one-hundredth of a gold franc. In later use also: = "qindarka".

    The qindar was first introduced in 1913 as a postal value, the equivalent of one-hundredth of a gold franc (Albanian frangu ari); coins were not issued until 1926. From then until 1947 the qindar was equivalent to one-hundredth of a gold franc, and one-twentieth of a lek. When a new currency based on the lek was introduced in 1947, the qindar disappeared as an official monetary unit.


1920s; earliest use found in The Times. From Albanian qindar (also qintar) cent from qind a hundred (from the same Indo-European base as classical Latin centum a hundred) + -ar, partitive suffix.