Definition of quad in English:


Pronunciation /kwäd/ /kwɑd/

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  • 1A quadrangle.

    • ‘students greeted him as he walked through the quad’
  • 2A quadruplet.

    • ‘9,294 women gave birth to twins, while 147 had triplets, and five had quads’
  • 3A quadriceps muscle.

    • ‘I have well-developed quads but my glutes are not all they could be’
  • 4A quad bike.

    • ‘inexperienced riders on quads and mopeds’
  • 5Quadraphonic sound.

    ‘we issued records in two forms at once, stereo and quad’
    • ‘This means that a quadraphony transmission must be capable of reproduction through a stereo or monaural receiver.’
  • 6(in telephony) a group of four insulated conductors twisted together, usually forming two circuits.

    • ‘These units can contain one, two or eight LEDs, the duals and quads available in tower versions only.’
  • 7A radio antenna in the form of a square or rectangle broken in the middle of one side.

    • ‘The monthly electric bill to run a high-speed quad can hit $14,000.’
    marketplace, close, quadrangle, quad, courtyard
  • 8informal A traditional roller skate.

    • ‘I have been skating on Ice, roller, quads, blades for over 20 years.’
    • ‘Even then, quads aren't as fast as low cut inline speed skates.’
    • ‘I'm sure the people kept wondering, ‘Why struggle with those blades when the quads are so much better?’’
  • 9Printing
    A small metal block in various sizes, lower than type height, used in letterpress printing for filling up short lines.


informal attributive
  • Quadruple or quadraphonic.