Definition of quadcopter in English:



  • An unmanned helicopter having four rotors.

    ‘a group of students has designed a quadcopter which flies autonomously using only the computing power of a smartphone’
    • ‘A remote-controlled quadcopter, outfitted with tinsel and mistletoe, paid a visit to Union Square, where unsuspecting San Franciscans and tourists were prompted to pucker up.’
    • ‘Five subjects were able to successfully pilot the quadcopter quickly and accurately for a sustained period of time through an obstacle course in the university's gymnasium.’
    • ‘I would build a quadcopter that can autonomously carry a can of beer from the kitchen to the lounge.’
    • ‘This improved software could help reduce the impact of an unplanned landing or steer the quadcopter to a safe place to crash.’
    • ‘You can also buy a quadcopter geared up with safe technology enabling three different flight modes to suit to the requirements of different pilots.’
    • ‘Usually, quadcopters are steered by humans, or they send their data to a powerful earthbound computer, which then returns the necessary control signals.’
    • ‘Camera-equipped quadcopters are turning out to be a great way to explore places that humans can't be.’
    • ‘He says the quadcopters, which measure less than a foot in diameter, take off from autonomous ocean vehicles, which serve as miniature aircraft carriers.’
    • ‘Quadcopters and other drone-type devices are being put to good use by researchers, conservationists, game wardens, and wildlife biologists.’
    • ‘Depending on weather conditions, a battery operated quadcopter can cover a distance of nearly 100 square kilometers in one day.’



/ˈkwädˌkäptər/ /ˈkwɑdˌkɑptər/