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  • 1(of an object or architectural structure) having four sides.

    ‘a quadrangular sail’
    • ‘Instead of the customary quadrangular layout, the 15-mile course would be a seven-sided affair, each side about 2.7 miles long.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the weak site has a quadrangular pyramidal structure with three peptide carbonyl groups and two water molecules.’
    • ‘The former asylum opened in 1816 is a stately quadrangular building of stone with pillars of the Doric order.’
    • ‘Thousands of people can live in a hutong which is made up of hundreds of quadrangular courtyards each surrounded by four homes.’
    • ‘In Ireland, however, images of harps show quadrangular instruments, possibly lyres.’
    • ‘It is an erect herb with the stems acutely quadrangular and pale green.’
    • ‘The four petals, with the stamens inside, form the quadrangular nail-like head of the clove.’
    • ‘In the 1280s and 1290s this was incorporated into the quadrangular castle which we see today by William de Valance.’
    • ‘The stones, as revealed by excavations, were in the shape of ornamented half-eggs on squat, quadrangular bases.’
    • ‘Among the 1,080 scapulae Gray found 214 acromial processes that he classified as quadrangular.’
    • ‘It is quadrangular in outline, with a markedly convex lateral surface perforated by the coracoid foramen.’
    • ‘A square frame encloses the inscription, forming the main block's quadrangular contour.’
    1. 1.1British (of a sporting contest) involving four teams competing against each other.
      ‘a boys' quadrangular tournament’
      • ‘He was also chosen to manage an International team that will compete in a quadrangular tournament in Ulster in the summer.’
      • ‘They also failed to make the final of a one-day quadrangular tournament.’
      • ‘Green Buffaloes judokas amassed 17 points to win the senior quadrangular tournament held in Ndola last weekend after beating five clubs.’
      • ‘The BJP's best bet lies in a quadrangular contest among them, the Samajwadi Party, the BSP and the Congress.’
      • ‘They may participate in a quadrangular tournament, also featuring Ireland, Holland and an England XI.’
      • ‘The Zambia under-18 squad opened the quadrangular rugby tournament in Jwaneng with a 19-6 victory over their Botswana hosts.’
      • ‘The quadrangular promises to be an exciting event as the field includes Germany, Olympic champions The Netherlands and India.’



/kwäˈdraNGɡyələr/ /kwɑˈdræŋɡjələr/