Definition of quadrant in English:


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  • 1 technical Each of four quarters of a circle.

    1. 1.1Each of four parts of a plane, sphere, space, or body divided by two lines or planes at right angles.
      • ‘the right upper quadrant of the kidney’
  • 2 historical An instrument used for taking angular measurements of altitude in astronomy and navigation, typically consisting of a graduated quarter circle and a sighting mechanism.

  • 3A frame fixed to the head of a ship's rudder, to which the steering mechanism is attached.

    1. 3.1A panel with slots through which a lever is moved to orient or otherwise control a mechanism.



/ˈkwädr(ə)nt/ /ˈkwɑdr(ə)nt/


Late Middle English (denoting the astronomical instrument): from Latin quadrans, quadrant- ‘quarter’, from quattuor ‘four’.