Definition of quadrennial in English:



  • 1Recurring every four years.

    ‘the quadrennial world championships’
    • ‘Leap years are quadrennial, like the Olympics or the World Cup.’
    • ‘In the quadrennial election year 2000, the Democrats nominated President Clinton's vice-president, Albert Gore Jr.’
    • ‘This year, the quadrennial tournament is back in the United States.’
    • ‘Measured through national championships and Olympic glory, certain schools are linked with quadrennial success.’
    • ‘The award will be presented formally at the ICN 22nd quadrennial congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2001.’
    • ‘This already heated debate over NUP will almost certainly boil over in July at the AFECIO's quadrennial convention.’
    • ‘The quadrennial presidential contests have offered, across the past 40 years, a relentlessly shrinking menu.’
    • ‘Shame 2000 is hosted at and will be updated throughout the three weeks of the quadrennial sports event.’
    • ‘Lobrano's soft-spoken Southern manner belies the quadrennial frenzy that swamps her office each competition year.’
    • ‘On November 2, the United States will hold its quadrennial presidential election.’
    • ‘The top three boxers in the flyweight division automatically qualified for the quadrennial event in Sydney in September.’
    • ‘It has many species; some are annual, some biennial, some quadrennial and some fourteen - yearly flowering.’
    • ‘It represented a first for Thailand and the quadrennial event featured more than 20,000 participants.’
    • ‘My church denomination, The United Methodist Church, met in its quadrennial General Conference in May of 2004.’
    • ‘Initially the quadrennial affair was scheduled to take place in 1940 but World War II intervened.’
    • ‘He is reportedly planning to attend the quadrennial soccer tournament's opening ceremony May 31 in Seoul as well.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, a purity of sorts still remains, evident in the heavy anticipation of the quadrennial event.’
    • ‘In Israel, the quadrennial Maccabiah Games showcases the continued Jewish love of basketball.’
    • ‘The Pacific island nation Kiribati, the newest addition to the Olympic family, made its debut in the quadrennial event.’
    • ‘Do it here, at this quadrennial test of body and spirit, and you're in.’
    1. 1.1Lasting for or relating to a period of four years.
      • ‘‘Like all our swimmers, Maggie is on a quadrennial plan,’ Marsh said.’



/kwäˈdrenēəl/ /kwɑˈdrɛniəl/


Mid 17th century from quadrennium+ -al.