Definition of quadrennium in English:


nounplural noun quadrennia/-ˈdrenēə/ , plural noun quadrenniums

  • A specified period of four years.

    ‘I will discuss some of the things we considered in setting up her season plan and how that fits into the final year of the Olympic quadrennium.’
    • ‘It was a good marker for us to see where our juniors are at this point in the quadrennium.’
    • ‘A quadrennium later, they're storming toward that anticipated status.’
    • ‘Elections were held to determine the makeup of the Executive and Technical Committees for the next quadrennium.’
    • ‘The new quadrennium, with its countdown to Beijing, has already begun.’
    • ‘Set goals and objectives for each committee that are in line with the Strategic Game Plan for the quadrennium.’
    • ‘She has the knowledge that she's been to the biggest event of the quadrennium, and has made a final.’
    • ‘The USOC is currently in the 2001-2004 quadrennium.’
    • ‘Camelia was a solid performer for Romania, present at nearly all major events during the 1985-1988 quadrennium.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the 1980-1984 quadrennium marked a drought in Hungarian gymnastics.’



/kwäˈdrenēəm/ /kwɑˈdrɛniəm/


Late 18th century from Latin quadriennium, from quadri- ‘four’ + annus ‘year’.