Definition of quadrumvirate in English:



  • A group of four powerful or notable people.

    ‘The quadrumvirate of men who provide blurbs for Kirby's fifth collection, read like a who's who of the book's poetic influences.’
    • ‘He has two quadrumvirates on which he depends: Robinson, Dickinson, Frost and Millay in poetry, and, less rhythmically, Faulkner, Hemingway, Cather and Lawrence among the prose writers.’
    • ‘He was one of a quadrumvirate of Norwegians who developed much of the basis for modern econometrics.’
    • ‘Although power was divided among members in the quadrumvirate, the sharing was not even.’
    • ‘Cummings even had to ask the identity of the Irish member of the quadrumvirate, assuming at first it was Yeats.’
    quartet, foursome, tetralogy, quadruplets



/kwäˈdrəmvərət/ /kwɑˈdrəmvərət/


Mid 17th century from Latin quadru- ‘four’ + triumvirate.