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  • An animal which has four feet, especially an ungulate mammal.

    ‘smell is so important to quadrupeds’
    • ‘primitive quadruped simian species’
    • ‘During terrestrial locomotion in a quadruped, the manus pushes against the substrate to decelerate, support, and reaccelerate the body.’
    • ‘Horses, and other quadrupeds, also have scope for functional specialisation between limbs.’
    • ‘A quadruped can be stable with only three feet on the ground.’
    • ‘In the case of larger quadrupeds, birds, fish etc, preparing and eating the item is considerably easier when it is dead.’
    • ‘We should be able to tell the size of his average step, how his chest muscles worked, and if he was truly a quadruped or if he was bipedal.’
    • ‘The quadruped stood on all four of its legs, its silver-grey synthetic fur shining, the false yellow eyes gleaming intensely.’
    • ‘Lions are quadrupeds, so they walk on four legs, not two.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, crurotarsans are much more likely to be obligate quadrupeds than are ornithodires.’
    • ‘Born to run: humans will never win a sprint against your average quadruped.’
    • ‘Thus, these strange quadrupeds were made into bipeds.’
    • ‘The glows appeared at varied heights, as the beings seemed to have a choice of being bipeds or quadrupeds.’
    • ‘Let there be happiness in our home both for bipeds and quadrupeds.’
    • ‘All the permissible domesticated or reared quadrupeds can be offered for Qurbani.’
    • ‘The creature was a quadruped, two appendages connected to the upper chest cavity, in a very mammalian like structure.’
    • ‘Such strange visions appeared during my delirium, beach demons with claws, odd quadrupeds, wings that staggered through dusk.’
    • ‘Finally, if the quadrupeds don't alarm T. R. enough, the bipeds will.’
    • ‘It's a sad fact of life that certain small, furry quadrupeds don't make for suitable house pets.’
    • ‘When he shifted back into his saddle, even further from Olos, the horse moved closer, bristling a little before his quadruped motion stopped.’
    • ‘On one side the tail of a serpent is seen on a quadruped, on the other side, the head of a quadruped is on the body of a fish.’
    • ‘At least in quadrupeds, the weight of the lung is only a minor determinant of nonuniform transpulmonary pressures and alveolar volumes.’



/ˈkwädrəˌped/ /ˈkwɑdrəˌpɛd/


Early 17th century from Latin quadrupes, quadruped-, from quadru- ‘four’ + pes, ped- ‘foot’.