Definition of quadruple in English:


Pronunciation /kwäˈdro͞opəl/ /kwɑˈdrupəl/

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  • 1Consisting of four parts or elements.

    ‘a quadruple murder’
    • ‘Four years later he suffered more attacks and needed a quadruple heart bypass that left him with kidney failure.’
    • ‘He also has overcome bladder cancer and a quadruple bypass on his heart.’
    • ‘I have also worked on patients during three LVAD implant operations and one quadruple coronary by-pass operation.’
    • ‘He had also recently recovered from a quadruple bypass operation.’
    • ‘I am recovering from a quadruple coronary artery bypass operation.’
    • ‘The informant suggested the quadruple murder was the result of ‘a hit gone sour’ and Cooper was made a ‘scapegoat’.’
    • ‘At the heart of this quadruple bill was Liturgy, an enthralling pas de deux by the clever Christopher.’
    • ‘The timing of the quadruple murders is uncanny.’
    • ‘I never had any repercussions from that quadruple bypass at all.’
    • ‘Her first assignment was to report on an article about a quadruple murder.’
    • ‘Ok, would you mind if I scored a quadruple century?’
    • ‘A quadruple threat, he can sing, act, write and pose.’
    • ‘Only the quadruple mutant lacking all four genes exhibits a complete loss of floral organ identity.’
    • ‘The legs were divided by four sets of joints, like having quadruple knees, and each ‘knee’ was filled with sand.’
    • ‘The test is called the quadruple screen when it measures the four substances in the mother's blood.’
    • ‘Ruth orders four rounds of quadruple ryes, Faulkner orders four rounds of moonshine.’
    • ‘It's a quadruple negative, they cancel out, and everyone will be happy.’
    • ‘Women have the quadruple roles of mother, housekeeper, wife, and worker, roughly in that order of importance.’
    • ‘The ship is equipped with two close-range, portable, Strela - 3M air defence missile systems, each system having a quadruple launcher.’
    • ‘I think she did a very nice quadruple pirouette.’
    1. 1.1Consisting of four times as much or as many as usual.
      ‘a quadruple vodka’
      • ‘For linguistics nerds this is like a quadruple vodka.’
      • ‘The 16-stone defendant had drunk several pints of beer, alcopops and a quadruple vodka.’
      • ‘Hornewer is demanding over $2 million for a rematch, about quadruple what Byrd earned in April.’
      • ‘The thing about being independent is that all the profits are quadruple, quintuple what someone on a major label would make.’
    2. 1.2(of time in music) having four beats in a bar.
      ‘Triple chants have been composed and a few quadruple chants also exist, but in use these become tiresome.’
      • ‘The second piece is a Gavotta, a moderate dance in quadruple meter.’
      • ‘All of sudden he does this incredible run where he goes up two octaves and back down in quadruple time.’


  • Increase or be increased fourfold.

    no object ‘oil prices quadrupled in the 1970s’
    • ‘These socks are now also available in some fancy gift shops with their price tripled or quadrupled.’
    • ‘Within five years, the nations there had taken ownership of their own oil - and prices had quadrupled.’
    • ‘Agri-food exports have quadrupled since my first appointment.’
    • ‘Within a period of 12 months, the price of gold almost quadrupled from $225 to $850.’
    • ‘In Fort Beaufort, water tariffs nearly quadrupled in five years.’
    • ‘The jail and prison population has nearly quadrupled since 1980.’
    • ‘My council tax has nearly quadrupled since 1990.’
    • ‘Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in 25 years.’
    • ‘Thus their numbers almost quadrupled during a period when the country's population grew by little more than half.’
    • ‘The result was that the college virtually quadrupled in size.’
    • ‘Mines and constant ambushes depleted the government forces, which had quadrupled in size to 60,000 through heavy conscription.’
    • ‘Internet use in China has quadrupled since 2000 and ultimately censorship may prove futile.’
    • ‘Chlamydia rates were discovered this month to have more than quadrupled in the last decade.’
    • ‘Perth's population quadrupled in a decade, with many newcomers fleeing the depression in the eastern states.’
    • ‘The prices of some houses, especially in the downtown area, have tripled and even quadrupled.’
    • ‘Attention is also being focused on the possibility of trebling or even quadrupling the length of suburban rail track.’
    • ‘The company says Super Bowl ads helped quadruple its sales the day after the game.’
    • ‘Using the techniques I learned in hosiery, we were able to quadruple our supermarket sales in two years.’
    • ‘People who smoke quadrupled their risk for this stroke, scientists found.’
    • ‘A heavy meal may quadruple the risk of a heart attack.’


  • A quadruple thing, number, or amount.

    ‘Now that marriage no longer means much, why not let couples or triples or quadruples of whatever variety get married?’
    • ‘That, and his extraordinary capacity for self-sacrificing friendship, loyalty and sweet-natured nannying, have been his quadruple of acclaimed lifetime's high-lights.’
    • ‘It was impossible, Alex Ferguson said during the week, for Manchester United to win the quadruple.’
    • ‘However, from quadruples onward, no model fits the data.’
    • ‘The quadruple of this is 84, which subtracted from the square of 10, namely 100, yields 16.’
    • ‘Then, he went on to become the first man in Test cricket to hit a quadruple.’
    • ‘Just think of the spate of double centuries we saw last season, in addition to 2 triples and one quadruple.’
    • ‘Therefore, another description of this four-dimensional sphere is that it is the set of all quadruples (a, b, c, d).’
    • ‘There have now been 19 triple-centuries - and one quadruple - in Test cricket.’
    • ‘Over the same period, Tesco's have doubled and its sales are now quadruple that of M & S.’


Late Middle English (as a verb): via French from Latin quadruplus, from quadru- ‘four’ + -plus as in duplus (see duple).