Definition of quaking bog in English:

quaking bog


  • A bog formed over water or soft mud, which shakes underfoot.

    • ‘He pointed out the Dun Dyke, a raised rib of firm ground which ran across quaking bog.’
    • ‘The world's largest known quaking bog found on a barrier beach is in the Shank Painter Pond system in Provincetown.’
    • ‘The environment in which the microorganisms live changes from mesotrophic in the infra-aquatic peat-bog and initional quaking bog formations to oligotrophic and very acid in the real quaking bog and initional peat-moor formations.’
    • ‘Now, it is the only quaking bog with an open-water center in Illinois, with about half an acre of open water remaining.’
    • ‘The greater part was a heathy moor, full of quaking bogs, some of them extending ten and fifteen miles, and intersected with rapid mountain torrents, such as the rivers of Thurso, Halladale, Dunbeath, and Berriedale.’