Definition of qualifying in English:



  • 1Denoting someone or something that qualifies for something.

    ‘the bill would allow for a tax break for qualifying patients’
    ‘the two qualifying teams will play again on Saturday’
    • ‘He wants free college educations for all qualifying students.’
    • ‘There was a deadline for all qualifying offers to be accepted.’
    • ‘The company will send a $100 check to all qualifying participants.’
    • ‘All qualifying members who registered their email address with us should have received an email that will contain their login details.’
    • ‘Qualifying homes need to be single-family, owner-occupied homes.’
    • ‘Congratulations to all qualifying participants.’
    • ‘Last year the program distributed 2,900 Christmas presents to qualifying children.’
    • ‘The grants will be awarded to qualifying organizations.’
    • ‘The Commission is responsible for providing public campaign funding to qualifying candidates.’
    • ‘ Financial assistance helps make treatment affordable for qualifying patients.’
  • 2Denoting the qualification stage of a sporting event.

    ‘the team finished the qualifying rounds in fifth place overall’
    • ‘Walton beat Molesey in Saturday's first qualifying round.’
    • ‘A chemical agent was used on the field 24 to 48 hours before the kick-off, timed to be visible during the qualifying match.’
    • ‘He played three qualifying games with Nigeria, and he was an important contributor in each.’
    • ‘He had the third longest throw in the qualifying competition.’
    • ‘They each made the team by finishing second and third in the season's final qualifying contest.’
    • ‘ Once the qualifying games are completed there will also be play-off games.’
    • ‘She started the year winning three qualifying rounds of the Australian Open.’
    • ‘The tournament took place on Sunday after a day of qualifying rounds.’
    • ‘He sustained his injuries in a qualifying match between England and Sweden when he clashed heads with one of the strikers.’
    • ‘Upcoming qualifying matches for Israel's national team do not appear on the broadcasting schedule.’


  • The qualification stage of a sporting event.

    ‘the day starts with as many as five dozen racers running in the qualifying’