Definition of quality assurance in English:

quality assurance


  • The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.

    • ‘It was intended to perform the specific function of quality control and quality assurance with emphasis on monitoring and policing.’
    • ‘The device is suited for a variety of material testing tasks in R & D and quality assurance.’
    • ‘The team of four executive chefs also assists with cross training, consistency and quality assurance.’
    • ‘One of the hottest topics in higher education is quality assurance - and closely allied to this is the question of mobility.’
    • ‘One area he identifies which requires more focus is quality assurance in offshore programs.’
    • ‘Processes are also a means of control and quality assurance as the process assists and monitors the way a transaction is carried out.’
    • ‘Standards must be set to ensure that targets for mortality reduction are achieved and that there is quality assurance at each stage of the screening process.’
    • ‘Quality control and quality assurance appear to be two areas where many laboratories are being cited.’
    • ‘As for quality control versus quality assurance, most people believe them to be one and the same.’
    • ‘This model retains the expertise and quality assurance of the laboratory process while decentralising at minimal cost to primary care.’
    • ‘Her home-based businesses cover fashion design, catering and quality assurance.’
    • ‘It will also work on product certification and quality assurance.’
    • ‘But now we want to go slower on expansion and shift to quality assurance.’
    • ‘She created a quality assurance program and hired a trainer for new transcriptionists.’
    • ‘The company submitted a dossier of evidence to the court as well as a witness statement from its regional director of quality assurance.’
    • ‘There was excellent management of the curriculum combined with an excellent programme of quality assurance and self-assessment.’
    • ‘The multinational companies tend to have superior risk management systems and better formal quality assurance programmes however.’
    • ‘I'm a computer programmer and quality assurance tester for a software company in Cleveland, so I know a thing or two about computer glitches.’
    • ‘He is currently responsible for quality assurance, and also heads one of the five teams of officers who provide round-the-clock cover.’
    • ‘All of the contractors have their own quality assurance plan, said the statement.’


quality assurance

/ˈkwɑlədi əˈʃʊrəns/