Definition of quality controller in English:

quality controller


See quality control

‘But Equiano was more fortunate than some of his peers, holding the position of ‘gauger’ on the plantations, similar to being a quality controller, and after three years of saving his income he was able to buy his freedom in 1766 for £40.’
  • ‘He found work as a quality controller at Duncan's chocolate factory before winning a place at art college in Dundee to study graphics, and he spent the summer of 1966 touring the US on an IBM scholarship.’
  • ‘As part of a major company pay restructuring in 1970, designed partly to facilitate equal pay, the position of quality controller was downgraded but the males then in post had their wages protected in their inferior jobs.’
  • ‘She went on to work as a potting supervisor and quality controller specialising in varieties of herbaceous perennials and alpines at West Kington Nursery.’
  • ‘Apart from a quality controller, there is also a food technologist to ensure that the flavour and taste is consistent.’