Definition of quantitate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwän(t)əˌtāt/ /ˈkwɑn(t)əˌteɪt/

transitive verb

[with object]Medicine Biology
  • Determine the quantity or extent of (something in numerical terms); quantify.

    ‘damage to the target cells was quantitated by fluorescence microscopy’
    • ‘Plasma PS has been quantitated by immunologic and functional assays.’
    • ‘In all specimens, mitotic index was quantitated by counting the number of mitoses per twenty 100X oil immersion fields in areas of highest mitotic activity.’
    • ‘Staining was quantitated and correlated with histologic subtype and mitotic index.’
    • ‘The polymerase chain reaction assay, branched DNA assay and nucleic acid sequence-based amplification assay quantitate human immunodeficiency virus RNA levels.’
    • ‘For all treatments, plasma membrane cholesterol levels were quantitated by filipin staining as previously described.’


1960s from quantity+ -ate.