Definition of quantum state in English:

quantum state


  • A state of a quantized system which is described by a set of quantum numbers.

    • ‘A Bose-Einstein condensate is a peculiar phase of matter in which all the particles in a system occupy the same quantum state.’
    • ‘However, each angular momentum quantum state has a magnetic dipole moment associated with it, so the effect of a magnetic field is to separate the three states into three different energy levels.’
    • ‘All of these quantum numbers define the quantum state of the electron.’
    • ‘Researchers have previously demonstrated that single atoms can be used to temporarily store photons in a quantum state.’
    • ‘This property of making a group of bosons into the same quantum state so they act like a single entity was done in 1995 by physicists at the Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics, in Boulder, Colorado.’