Definition of quarryman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkwôrēmən/ /ˈkwɔrimən/


  • A worker in a quarry.

    ‘Like painters, metal workers, and quarrymen, a miner cannot eradicate the scars of his occupation.’
    • ‘Lehner speculates that the Eastern town housed skilled craftsmen, artisans, stone masons, quarrymen, overseers, and officials.’
    • ‘Richardson and McKim, Mead, and White, well trained in the classical tradition, designed structures that gave much employment to quarrymen and stonecutters.’
    • ‘Living in Willunga at that time were J.M. Cornelius and Thomas Martin, both slate merchants and more than twenty quarrymen and labourers.’
    • ‘Stories handed down through generations of miners, quarrymen and farmers may be forgotten for ever.’
    • ‘By day two, the rioters tended to be Irish cartmen, quarrymen, and street pavers, as well as workers employed on the docks and in the railroad yards and foundries.’
    • ‘The film features quarrymen actually employed at Dorothea Quarry at the time of filming, some of whom have been identified and their recollections of the filming noted.’
    • ‘Initial construction of the roadbed was begun in November when the quarries were dormant, thus allowing quarrymen to assist.’
    • ‘You can visit the restored quarryman's cottage and view relics of the early quarrying.’
    • ‘And what of the merchants, masons, quarrymen, women, and children who came to reside in the old Grafton cemetery?’
    • ‘The family consisted of Henry Webster, a railway platelayer then a stone quarryman labourer, born at Bakewell on April 14, 1850, and his wife Sarah, nee Smith, born at Rothwell in 1860.’
    • ‘Frederick Hartt, the late scholar, theorized that David had been modeled on ‘one of the mountaineer quarrymen from Carrara.’’
    • ‘The graveyard has historical value - not only does it tell you about who the people were who lived here but also their occupation, occupations that are long since gone such as quarrymen and shoemakers.’
    • ‘Oil is notoriously difficult to explode or burn, as it keeps putting itself out, but these were quarrymen, versatile, and well used to explosives, danger and hard physical labour.’
    • ‘It was constructed from prefabricated timber panels, shipped out from England, and was soon very popular with sailors, quarrymen and seaside visitors.’
    • ‘In 1856 two quarrymen found an ancient cranium in the limestone-rich Neander Valley near Dusseldorf, Germany.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, some quarrymen in Iowa recalled selling a large block of Iowa gypsum to Hull about two years earlier.’
    • ‘Smaller blocks are still split with hammers and wedges just as quarrymen did a century and a half ago.’
    • ‘The quarrymen had developed long curving saws to make the rough shapes of the stones in situ.’
    • ‘He took up drinking in earnest as a young artillery officer on his way to World War I when he discovered that alcohol miraculously transformed him from an awkward quarryman's son to a sophisticated boulevardier.’