Definition of Quarter Horse in English:

Quarter Horse

(also quarter horse)

Pronunciation /ˈkwôrdər hôrs/ /ˈkwɔrdər hɔrs/


  • A horse of a small stocky breed noted for agility and speed over short distances. It is reputed to be the fastest breed of horse over distances of a quarter of a mile.

    • ‘Say the word ‘horse,’ and most people conjure up images of common pleasure horses such as the Quarter Horse, Morgan, or Appaloosa.’
    • ‘In addition, the Conquistadors conquered the new world on the backs of Andalusians, which subsequently influenced the American breeds of Azteca, Quarter Horse, Paint, Mustang and Appaloosa.’
    • ‘Since the Andalusian is the horse the Conquistadors brought to America and one of the ancestral breeds of the American Quarter Horse, perhaps that is where these personality traits originated.’
    • ‘Contestants enter an arena at top speed on an American Quarter Horse, ride a cloverleaf pattern around three specially positioned barrels, and then sprint out of the arena.’
    • ‘The Create A Foal program offers top quality, award-winning Arabian, Saddlebred and Quarter Horse mares and stallions and it's so simple!’
    • ‘The other inductees are Herbert Graham, one of the state's top breeders of Paints and Quarter Horses, and Miss Princess, a 1940s Quarter Horse racing star.’
    • ‘Colborne will ride the horse Buttons at the Quarter Horse Championships in Fort Worth.’
    • ‘Bode uses the American Quarter Horse and Paints when training his stunt horses, although he's worked with Andalusians and American Standardbreds too.’
    • ‘Mary is in the ring with Bianca, an exotic brunette, riding Pinto, her Quarter Horse with nice gaits and who is unflappable in nearly all situations.’
    • ‘West Nile virus has been identified in a three-year-old Quarter Horse filly in Bourbon County, part of the primary horse breeding area of Central Kentucky.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter if you're dealing with an Arabian, Quarter Horse, Paint, Mustang, or Hanovarian the bottom line is that they're all horses.’
    • ‘Wills' performances honored the Rugged Lark Legacy and demonstrated the versatility, willingness, and charisma of the American Quarter Horse trained with a foundation of dressage principles.’
    • ‘One of their animals is a Quarter Horse dubbed Phoenix because he survived life-threatening burns in a fire in Lexington in mid-August.’
    • ‘The injury occurred when a Quarter Horse flipped in the starting gate with Stevens aboard, pinning his leg against the gate.’
    • ‘Eleven Quarter Horse mares were assigned randomly to either the control or levamisole treatment.’
    • ‘The daughter of Blushing John had been sent to Texas in May in hopes she could be artificially impregnated to a Quarter Horse stallion, with the resulting embryo flushed and transplanted in a surrogate mare.’
    • ‘The deadline to submit entries for the fourth Scientific Atlanta Cup, which honors Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and Standardbred racing's best simulcast product, is August 30.’
    • ‘Santa Anita beat out 20 other entries from Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and Standardbred racetracks, including Arlington Park, Del Mar, Turfway Park, and Woodbine.’
    • ‘We have a close relationship with the Quarter Horse industry and think this will be something all breeds will be interested in.’
    • ‘Hunky and Luka were both bred in this country but they have all the Quarter Horse traits.’


Quarter Horse

/ˈkwôrdər hôrs/ /ˈkwɔrdər hɔrs/