Definition of quenelle in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈnel/ /kəˈnɛl/


usually quenelles
  • A small seasoned ball of pounded fish or meat.

    ‘shape the mixture into quenelles’
    • ‘Set some quenelles of steak tartare around the dish and set some mache in the center.’
    • ‘Culinary relativism is no longer an excuse for preferring gefilte fish to seafood quenelles.’
    • ‘Using two teaspoons, shape the malfatti into small quenelles and gently drop them directly from the spoons into the simmering water.’
    • ‘Top each portion of fish with a caviar quenelle and sprinkle with chives.’
    • ‘Form the mixture into egg-shaped quenelles using two dessertspoons.’
    • ‘Using two teaspoons, form the cheese mixture into egg-shaped quenelles and spoon into the peppers.’
    • ‘To finish the dish, using two soup spoons, form 12 quenelles with the reserved mushrooms and set aside.’
    • ‘The quenelles will remain in the fryer and can be fished out using a spider or a fryer basket once finished.’
    • ‘Old habits die hard and last night I served up sardine quenelles with a Chard salad.’
    • ‘The gefilte fish of Jewish tradition is simply a quenelle of fish en gelée that is common in classical French cooking.’
    • ‘Form into 12 quenelles and place on a half sheet pan.’
    • ‘Using a slotted spoon, remove quenelles once they rise to the surface, or after about two to three minutes and drain on a plate lined with a double layer of paper towels.’
    • ‘There they drink a ton of excellent wine, eat the most exquisite shellfish-stuffed quenelles, and take a cab home.’
    • ‘Pike is best known for the classical French preparation of quenelles de broche and for the Scandinavian where it is smoked.’
    • ‘Use two spoons to form quenelles from the batter, carefully dropping each into the simmering water.’
    • ‘Ladle some lobster consommé around the dish, place a quenelle of salpicon on top of the flan, and garnish with chervil.’
    • ‘Place salmon disk and caviar quenelle on top of egg.’
    • ‘Top with a lobster tail tip, and a quenelle of sevruga caviar.’
    • ‘Arrange six pancakes around the dish, drizzle with huckleberry syrup, and top each with a quenelle of rabbit rillettes.’
    • ‘Pipe some avocado purée on top, arrange a small quenelle of caviar in the center, and drizzle some pistachio oil around the dish.’


French, probably from German Knödel.