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  • Complaining in a petulant or whining manner.

    ‘she became querulous and demanding’
    • ‘He is thereby reduced to the status of a child, though a spoiled child with the physical capabilities of a man: petulant, demanding, querulous, self-centered, and violent if he doesn't get his own way.’
    • ‘Must poetry always be difficult to understand, asks another querulous voice; the poet's response, to the effect that poetry is a sort of sculpture carved from the stone of language, falls upon deafness.’
    • ‘His mates are all out of the remake of Spinal Tap; his singing voice may be querulous, but his songs are close to brilliant.’
    • ‘‘Gentlemen,’ the coroner was addressing the jurors in his querulous voice.’
    • ‘His urbanely crinkly face oozes disapproval; his querulous voice is like a fingernail at a scab.’
    • ‘But there are querulous voices, conflicting histories, and disputed landscapes.’
    • ‘Here, the forest is full of spectacular revelations about the power of renewal in nature which is set against a querulous, nagging, domestic voice that intrudes upon the peace.’
    • ‘I also like Mill's querulous intolerance of the conformist pressure of orthodoxy and his impatience with unthoughtfulness.’
    • ‘As a professional, for example, Dr. Sermond presides with creeping, midlife ennui over a querulous clientele to whom he gives little more than amused compassion-much of it arising from his own seeming lack of problems.’
    • ‘Her desire to have it all ways at once - to be utterly independent because unconditionally supported by the tax-payers - illustrates her kind of querulous and irresponsible sense of entitlement.’
    • ‘But Nietzsche spurns all our querulous wheedlings, and wonders how in our ‘constant fluttering around the single flame of vanity… an honest and pure urge for truth could have arisen among men’.’
    • ‘He turned into a Dublin ‘character‘: a querulous, quarrelsome countryman with a sharp tongue and an axe to grind.’’
    • ‘Another was fear of female sexual urges and several Victorian doctors wrote querulous treatises warning that if women gave way to ‘libidinous excesses’ they risked ill health or even mental collapse.’
    • ‘As with all artists, it is really about an enduring, probing, and somewhat querulous relationship with the medium he has settled down with: the paintbrush, paint, and canvas.’
    • ‘Smeared and cross-hatched, the objective correlative here is adroitly drawn out, counterpointed throughout the poem by the woman's querulous responses.’
    • ‘However, she knew all about cajoling the authorities, a body of querulous, middle-aged doctors who felt that a woman's place was in the home and not working with stinking, wounded soldiers.’
    • ‘I usually skip Checkpoint on National at five for the reasons alluded to above and also because I dislike its sometimes whiny, querulous tone.’
    • ‘The querulous critic who scolds it as he would a spoiled child, has not learned the primer of politics.’
    • ‘Interspersed among these episodes, on the other side of the stage, we see a querulous old man confronting an impatient, offensive nurse.’
    • ‘This anonymity underlines the fact that Bennett based them quite closely on his own parents, ‘except that the wife is more querulous than my mother and the husband less gentle than my father.’’
    petulant, complaining, pettish, touchy, testy, tetchy, waspish, prickly, crusty, peppery, fractious, fretful, irritable, cross, crabbed, crabby, crotchety, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, disagreeable, miserable, morose, on edge, edgy, impatient, bitter, moody, in a bad mood, grumpy, huffy, scratchy, out of sorts, out of temper, ill-tempered, bad-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, sullen, surly, sulky, sour, churlish, bilious, liverish, dyspeptic, splenetic, choleric
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/ˈkwer(y)ələs/ /ˈkwɛr(j)ələs/


Late 15th century from late Latin querulosus, from Latin querulus, from queri ‘complain’.