Definition of queso in English:



mass nounUS
  • short for chile con queso

    ‘my queso was not as hot as I would have hoped’
    short for chile con queso
    as modifier ‘queso dip and chips’
    • ‘Getting into the spirit of SXSW is as easy as dipping a chip into a bowl of queso, of which there will be plenty.’
    • ‘The $1.99 price tag for smaller portions of guac and queso is unusually user-friendly.’
    • ‘Grilled chicken seems a safe bet, although several of its menu incarnations involve smothering blankets of cheese, barbecue sauce, ham, queso, mushrooms, onions and the like.’
    • ‘The green chile was delicious, yet didn't commit the ultimate faux pas of overpowering the smooth queso in the enchilada.’
    • ‘By the time the "queso" is mucho melted, you may get bewildered and think you're in a Tijuana bar, eating local fare.’
    • ‘Regardless of the location of its genesis, this queso puts all other psuedo-Mexican, microwaveable cheese dips to shame.’
    • ‘When the tortilla chips and other dip-worthy edibles have been eaten, that doesn't mean you have to cease ingesting queso.’
    • ‘With nothing to learn, they scarfed down their queso and headed to the polling place across the street.’
    • ‘I cleaned my plate, to the point of taking a corn tortilla and mopping up the last cheesy queso smear.’


Spanish, ‘cheese’.