Definition of quick-moving in English:



  • Rapid in movement or action.

    ‘this camera should capture every detail of distant or quick-moving subjects’
    • ‘the stories are quick-moving and predictable’
    • ‘The quick-moving storm is adding to the record rainfall that hit Chicago yesterday.’
    • ‘The film is surprisingly spry and quick-moving for a documentary.’
    • ‘We got rained on briefly by a quick-moving squall.’
    • ‘This quick-moving narrow-bodied fish is most commonly orange or white with a red head.’
    • ‘Brace yourself for a slippery, sleeting, blustery mess tonight as a quick-moving nor'easter blows through the city.’
    • ‘As the Army transforms into a more mobile, quick-moving digital force, traditional officer career paths must change to meet these challenges.’
    • ‘From the window of our guest bathroom, we wait for the elephants to emerge from the tunnel, surprisingly quick-moving, dolled up in their circus attire.’
    • ‘The book is both dauntingly far-reaching in scope and intensely personal: it moves from political theory to cultural analysis to diaristic history in around 350 quick-moving pages.’
    • ‘Quick-moving little birds in a yellow-flowering shrub turned out to be Silver-eyes.’
    • ‘CNN presents its "news" in styles and formats that approximate the variable, quick-moving nature of commercial television programming.’
    • ‘Without a doubt, the snap-jawed, quick-moving reptile is the creature tourists most want to see.’
    • ‘Firth was a man of driving energy, with a brilliant and very quick-moving mind.’
    • ‘A quick-moving blaze erupted in the house.’
    nimble, lithe, spry, supple, limber, sprightly, acrobatic, dexterous, deft, willowy, graceful, light-footed, nimble-footed, light on one's feet, fleet-footed