Definition of quick-release in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkwikrəˈlēs/ /ˌkwɪkrəˈlis/

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  • (of a device) designed for rapid release.

    ‘a quick-release button’
    • ‘Essential gear includes cross-country skis and a padded nylon waist belt (with quick-release clip) attached by a 12-foot tow-rope to a harness on the animal.’
    • ‘If windows or doors in your home have security bars, make sure the bars have quick-release mechanisms so they can be opened easily in case of an emergency.’
    • ‘The Duplex system consists of a prefilled PVC -, DEHP -, and latex-free IV bag containing the drug and diluent in different compartments that are separated by a quick-release seal.’
    • ‘The test pilots found the double-slot flaps and quick-release engine cowlings most admirable but, oddly, armament was only briefly checked out and one of the things they did not like was the periscopic system for the twin turrets.’
    • ‘The clean design takes up minimal space, and the light is attached with an easy, secure quick-release mechanism that won't clutter your bike when you remove the light.’
    • ‘The Bogen / Manfrotto 3130 Micro Fluid Head is a lightweight fluid head with adjustable pan bar and quick-release camera plate.’
    • ‘The WES uses a quick-release lever that lets masons disengage the tarp from the platform if doing so prevents it from possibly tipping over due to high winds.’
    • ‘Use a gun with a thumb-controlled quick-release lever.’
    • ‘Control Tech is making everything you can imagine out of carbon, including quick-release levers and seat binders.’
    • ‘Mavic's new cycling computer has a wireless front wheel sensor built right into the front quick-release lever.’
    • ‘There are roll bars all around, plus the window net quick-release lever.’
    • ‘The wheels are attached with a quick-release mechanism so taking the stroller completely down is a snap.’
    • ‘The large-diameter outer tube is marked with a limit line and has a quick-release clamp at the top.’
    • ‘There are positives to the new design - a quick-release facility and greater coverage to the front gates improve safety and discourage horses from ducking under - but problems persist.’
    • ‘A quick-release button detaches the panel from the stand.’
    • ‘They offer domestic combatants high-velocity airflow tools, motorised brushes, quick-release wands with telescopic reach, and removable tool holsters.’
    • ‘And before you venture out ensure that all nuts and bolts are tight, especially the quick-release nuts (if you have them) on the wheels.’
    • ‘Remove the rear wheel: First, loosen the quick-release spindle.’
    • ‘The external four-link connector is based on the same MicroGiga connector used by 4x Infiniband, but uses jackscrews instead of the quick-release latches that Infiniband cables use.’
    • ‘Clipping to the skier's belt with a quick-release coupler for a quick disconnection, most towlines feature a bungee-like shock cord at the skier's end to allow for smooth movement between the dog and skier.’