Definition of quinquereme in English:



  • An ancient Roman or Greek galley of a kind believed to have had three banks of oars, the oars in the top two banks being rowed by pairs of oarsmen and the oars in the bottom bank being rowed by single oarsmen.

    • ‘He applied mind to warfare, introducing artillery, Phoenician siege-technique, and the quinquereme.’
    • ‘There is a great deal of useful material here, such as how the Romans seem to have conducted an ‘amphibious assault ‘and the frequency that each type of warship (quinqueremes, biremes, liburinians, etc.) was found in the Roman fleets.’’
    • ‘He directed his main attack on the Northern ‘Little Harbour’, deploying 60 quinqueremes for a naval assault.’


Mid 16th century from Latin quinqueremis, from quinque ‘five’ + remus ‘oar’.