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  • (of a person or remark) suitable for or worth quoting.

    ‘a script peppered with quotable one-liners’
    • ‘In the ‘more things change, the more they stay the same’ department, here's a quotable quote.’
    • ‘He showers you with quotable quotes and his interviews are peppered with sensational statements.’
    • ‘This film is eminently quotable, as it quotes many sources itself.’
    • ‘Oh, and it's definitely for me, it's the most hilarious comedy I've seen at the cinema for a long, long time, full of immensely quotable lines and an absolutely awesome supporting cast.’
    • ‘Presumably, the quotable lines are highlighted.’
    • ‘The disappointment will stem from the fact that a single viewing is not enough to leave a vivid memory of a single line of quotable dialogue or a scene that has real emotional impact.’
    • ‘So what do you think is the most quotable line from a movie?’
    • ‘It had some very quotable lines, this one being my favourite.’
    • ‘An example was the governor's State of the State address, which included a quotable line on the snoozy topic of governmental reorganization.’
    • ‘One of the writers, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, really scored with the quotable line of the evening.’
    • ‘And not only that; it is also a play with relatively little memorable poetry and few quotable lines.’
    • ‘It was a genuinely fun wee low-budget film, and contained a million instantly quotable lines.’
    • ‘This novel may have contained the highest number of classic quotable lines in history.’
    • ‘He has received several teaching awards, as well as the unprecedented award of being ‘the most quotable professor’ by MathSoc.’
    • ‘Like Graham himself, the 24-minute announcement speech was solid and sensible but devoid of quotable rhetoric.’
    • ‘Young Mirza, however, is perky, confident, and quotable.’
    • ‘His achievements in football were unbelievable, but he succeeded in transcending all that and became one of the most interesting and quotable characters in the country.’
    • ‘There are better, more quotable lyrics throughout the album.’
    • ‘In Washington, just about everyone wants to be a pundit, the wise and respected quotable somebody who keeps popping up in newspapers and on television.’
    • ‘That's got to be as poor a metaphor as I've ever seen, and if it's one of the book's quotable high points, the volume is in trouble.’



/ˈkwōdəb(ə)l/ /ˈkwoʊdəb(ə)l/