Definition of rabbet plane in English:

rabbet plane


North American
  • A plane for making a rabbet in a piece of wood.

    ‘This can be tolerated in rough work or easily corrected with a second pass of the rabbet plane on its side.’
    • ‘The Metallic Plane Co. made several variations of the No.11 filletster and rabbet plane including some with a rack and pinion adjustment and bulbous lever cap, and some with a very attractive and delicate filigree fence.’
    • ‘A No.212 musical instrument maker's scraper plane in the box realized $3,600 and an aluminum No. A78 duplex rabbet plane in the box brought $2,000.’
    • ‘In twenty-five years of collecting, the author has not seen another stick and rabbet plane for early wide sash bars.’
    • ‘Among the more sophisticated planes were two sets of cornice planes, a set of sash planes, three door planes, two side rabbet planes, and a cut and thrust.’


rabbet plane

/ˈrabət ˌplān/ /ˈræbət ˌpleɪn/