Definition of rabbinical in English:



  • Relating to rabbis or to Jewish law or teachings.

    ‘This view is that there has always been only one Jewish calendar used by all Jews - the rabbinical lunar calendar.’
    • ‘All of the above must be done before a halachically-valid rabbinical court of three Jewish men who themselves believe in God, accept the divinity of the Torah, and observe the mitzvot.’
    • ‘The designation of rabbi is given when one receives rabbinical ordination, earned by passing extensive examinations on the Torah and Talmud.’
    • ‘The Oral Law is the corpus of Jewish law that traces back to the revelation at Mount Sinai and which includes later rabbinical legal decisions, which flesh out and explain the Torah.’
    • ‘However, where a city has more than one congregation, or more than one rabbinical court, the following of each one is counted as a separate community, and each one may follow different practices.’



/rəˈbinək(ə)l/ /rəˈbɪnək(ə)l/