Definition of raccoon dog in English:

raccoon dog


  • A small wild dog with a black facial mask and long brindled fur, native to the forests of southern and eastern Asia.

    Nyctereutes procyonoides, family Canidae

    ‘In May, they announced they'd found a corona virus that was 99% similar to the SARS virus in humans in six masked palm civets and a raccoon dog.’
    • ‘This study adds new data to the comparative genome map of the dog, red fox, arctic fox, and raccoon dog obtained recently by comparative chromosome painting.’
    • ‘Surveillance of the civet cat, raccoon dog, and related animals for coronaviruses in and beyond China is of importance.’
    • ‘One important predator in the southern study area is raccoon dog, which has a preference for lake shores, and it may explain the negative effect of water area on the breeding success of Black Grouse.’
    • ‘It comes initially from wild civets and raccoon dogs that are culinary delicacies in Southeast China.’


raccoon dog

/raˈko͞on/ /ræˈkun/ /rəˈko͞on dôɡ/ /rəˈkun dɔɡ/