Definition of race-related in English:



  • Relating to race or ethnicity.

    ‘explorations of race-related issues’
    • ‘a race-related road rage crime’
    • ‘There is evidence that distorted media treatment of asylum issues leads to more race-related crime.’
    • ‘It was important for faculty to lead the way in creating a safe space for race-related discussions to occur.’
    • ‘I enjoy engaging in challenging conversations about race-related issues.’
    • ‘The nature of the hate crime here is clearly race-related.’
    • ‘The best way to have fun and be comfortable with race-related material is to hit it head-on.’
    • ‘People of color found it draining and time-consuming always to have to wonder whether their treatment was race-related or not.’
    • ‘They want more action against street crime and more openness about race-related crime in particular to enable the public to better understand the extent of it.’
    • ‘The conflicting decisions have caused some institutions to re-evaluate their race-related policies and programs.’
    • ‘One possibility is to design graduate program curricula including courses that inform and educate graduate students about minority populations and race-related issues in higher education.’
    • ‘Figures reveal that racially-motivated crimes have increased and the number of race-related complaints against officers have also gone up.’
    • ‘The incidence of race-related crime seems to be shamefully high.’
    • ‘Tonight, prisons are under partial lockdown after a deadly race-related riot over the weekend.’
    • ‘One explanation may be that race-related socioeconomic gaps are narrower in metropolitan areas than in either rural or urban regions.’
    • ‘Your assumption may be that this is a race-related hate crime until you find out they were fighting over a girl.’
    ethnic, race-related, ethnological