Definition of race driver in English:

race driver


  • A person who drives race cars as a profession.

    ‘‘Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a race driver, just like my dad and my grandfather,’ he says.’
    • ‘My long term future in Formula One is as a race driver, but my aim for this year is to do everything I can as a test driver to help the team win the World Championship.’
    • ‘But I think taking a good race driver, putting him into the series, teaching him the little nuances that you learn in this program, is extremely helpful, almost mandatory, before you make that next big step.’
    • ‘Apart from the problems caused by the low track temperature, the car actually felt pretty good: the balance was consistent, and we are higher up the times than usual for a Friday - I am the second fastest race driver.’
    • ‘The Brazilian has proved very fast while performing testing duties for the team, but he was sacked by Jaguar after an unimpressive half-season as a race driver last year.’
    • ‘I already knew everybody that at Sauber, they are very professional people and I'm really happy to be back, especially as a race driver.’
    • ‘He is the son of a well known race driver, so auto racing is ‘in his blood’.’
    • ‘That sort of relationship is needed between race driver and engineer.’
    • ‘In the off season, what does a professional European race driver do?’
    • ‘I feel like our sport has gone from who has the best race team and the best race driver and who did the best job on Sunday to what can we do to make a great show for TV and the fans in the stands.’
    • ‘The big-time race driver and small-time car maker has shrewdly avoided one key pitfall that caused his predecessors difficulty - government-sponsored financial aid.’
    • ‘If you were a race driver, the size and shape of your steering wheel would be critical to your performance on the road and the track.’
    • ‘It allowed the still rampant race driver in me to have free rein and the way the car pre-empted my every move was nothing short of magical.’
    • ‘He is an ex-racing driver, though there really is no such animal; he's just a race driver between cars.’
    • ‘A top flight race driver will learn the circuit in 10 laps, and they did a lot more laps than that.’
    • ‘There are so many great race drivers and teams, it's really an exciting series.’
    • ‘You can meet 90% of the guys away from the track and if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't know they were race drivers.’
    • ‘The heat dominated every conversation over the Malaysian weekend and the race drivers looked like babies, all of them sucking on drinks bottles night and day and keeping cool whenever possible.’
    • ‘In regular testing I will be working very closely with the race drivers on tyre and chassis development.’
    • ‘The 24 year old showed why he is considered one of the best, young race drivers in sports car racing.’


race driver

/rās ˈdrīvər/ /reɪs ˈdraɪvər/