Definition of race walking in English:

race walking


  • The activity or competitive sport of walking at a very fast pace.

    ‘the two main muscle groups used while race walking are the abdominal and glute muscles’
    • ‘the 1,500-meter race-walking event’
    • ‘Leah took up race walking last year, inspired by her older sister.’
    • ‘Also, I may have to rethink the idea that jogging is faster than race walking.’
    • ‘Unlike in running, according to the sport's rules, one foot must remain in contact with the ground in race walking.’
    • ‘All the athletes above have been selected to represent Ireland on the 12th July in Dublin at the Waterford Crystal International Grand Prix of race walking.’
    • ‘Philip says that since age ten he has been intrigued by the technical and physiological demands of race walking.’
    • ‘The 34-year-old Pole, one of the all-time greats of race walking, clocked 3:36:39 in winning the 50 km at the European championships in Munich.’
    • ‘Race walking actually has a longer history than many of the more glamorous track and field events.’
    • ‘Although race walking is his forte, he has figured in this event a number of times and finished third three years ago in a time of 20:20.’
    • ‘Race walking is probably more mentally demanding than any other track discipline, Sundlun said.’
    • ‘Participants then compete in five year-age divisions in all athletic disciplines including the marathon, cross country running and race walking.’
    • ‘Race walking is as, if not even more, arduous than many other categories, yet exponents are seldom acknowledged in the same athletic conversation.’
    • ‘I always say that race walking takes the strength and agility of a gymnast, the technique of a ballet dancer and the endurance of a marathon runner.’
    • ‘Her family is steeped in tradition when it comes to race walking and Emma will have plenty of advice from her three brothers.’
    • ‘Dogs make great companions for strolling, race-walking or any pace in between.’
    • ‘Of course, you have to be prepared for every scenario in race-walking.’
    • ‘However, race-walking isn't the first discipline that springs to most minds when contemplating the schedule of track and field events.’
    • ‘The boys took to race-walking like ducks to water, and they have the results to prove their dedication and application, which they hope will propel them to new heights in Glasgow on Saturday.’
    • ‘There's nothing groovy about race-walking, but it requires the same dedication, the same commitment, and at least equal training to get among the medals.’