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adjectiveadjective racier, adjective raciest

  • 1(of speech, writing, or behavior) lively, entertaining, and typically mildly titillating sexually.

    ‘the novel was considered rather racy at the time’
    • ‘As for the film being racy, raunchy or titillating, there's utterly nothing groundbreaking here.’
    • ‘The film is probably most notable for its attempts to entertain adults with racy jokes and visuals.’
    • ‘Entertainment Weekly wrote about racy Y / A novels in this week's issue.’
    • ‘Readers looking for a racy, entertaining romp full of plot twists, scandal and exposed secrets will not be disappointed.’
    • ‘His novels are entertaining, racy and often irreverent.’
    • ‘They didn't like little ears to hear their juicy if not racy gossip.’
    • ‘The racy, hour-long play explores power, revenge, sexual behaviour, and the nature of evil.’
    • ‘The network isn't exactly family entertainment, although the shows' racy content had been somewhat toned down by the time Smith came aboard.’
    • ‘His fast-growing clothing company is built on pro-labor policies, racy ads, and a sexually charged culture’
    • ‘It offers a lively - at times even racy - read, with events vividly described and attention held by the anecdotes peppered throughout.’
    • ‘Our reporter joins us now with controversy that surrounds these sexy women dancing in these racy videos.’
    • ‘At the time, the idea was to do a series of racy TV-movies for late Saturday nights that would be more adult and risqué than anything then being done for network television.’
    • ‘The feature was also loaded with racy photos and a variety of rude quotations.’
    • ‘So racy is/was the content that in the 1930s the book could not even have been legally shipped through the US mail!’
    • ‘Asked just how racy the pictures will be, Stevens explains, ‘The girl can do whatever she is comfortable with.’’
    • ‘The album has been a best-seller as well as being well-received critically - MTV called it racy and experimental, influenced by 70s R&B and rap grooves.’
    • ‘The material is frequently ribald, often racy, and always laced with profanity.’
    • ‘In light of its vast market power, Wal-Mart has infuriated the media with its long-standing refusal to stock obscene CDs and racy magazines.’
    • ‘The show disappeared for a short while when no network wished to run what was at times, a racy and offensive series.’
    • ‘When a church leader asked him to tone down his use of racy language in his columns, his answer was swift.’
    risqué, sexy, naughty, spicy, juicy, suggestive, ribald, indelicate, indecorous, indecent, immodest, off colour, dirty, rude, smutty, crude, bawdy, vulgar, salacious, coarse
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    1. 1.1(of a person or thing) showing vigor or spirit.
      ‘a racy fiddle’
      • ‘In the 18th century, there is a vivid description of the interface in a kitchen between a chef and a cook, from the racy pen of William Verral.’
    2. 1.2(of a wine, flavor, etc.) having a characteristic quality in a high degree.
      ‘On the right bank clay and limestone soils predominate generally resulting in softer, broader whites than on the left bank where soils rich in lime produce racy wines comparable to those of the famous Wachau.’
      • ‘This light, slightly racy red wine would match well with grilled meats, salmon, lamb or pork.’
      • ‘Tancer has also created his own blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, called Cuvee R, which marries beautifully the racy flavor of the Sauvignon with the exotic tropical flavors of Viognier.’
      • ‘Try a hot beef salad with plenty of chilli to match a racy rosé, fresh snapper still warm from the smoker, even barbecued lamb.’
      • ‘Also, they all make a startlingly fine Pinot Noir, a wine that often features a combination of California racy fruit with Burgundian earth tones.’
      • ‘A complex, petrolly German Riesling is ideal, combining racy acidity with enough sweetness to cope with the fruit.’
      • ‘Pauper's Sancerre does not come better than the tart, racy, lemony fruit of this stylish Loire Sauvignon, a joint effort of French and Antipodean winemakers.’
      • ‘The wine has both delicacy and power, with rich, racy, citrus-infused fruit but a bead of strength running through it.’
      • ‘Think of the reaction in your mouth when you drink a tart, racy white wine.’
      • ‘The best whites are crisp, lively, leafy and citrusy, while the top reds are vibrant, racy, refreshing red fruit-redolent wines with morello cherry and beetroot flavours to the fore.’
      • ‘I had to snare one final helping of Annapurna's yogurt rice, an exotic rice salad lit up by a creamy tang, coconut undercurrent and racy flavor bursts of mustard and cilantro.’
      • ‘These can be lemon tart and as racy as green apple skins.’
      • ‘The hotter the weather grows, the more this racy little dish seems like the answer to everything.’
      • ‘La Gitana is racy and complex and is probably the closest thing to the Fino style wines you drink in Spain.’
      • ‘They're great as dips or racy condiments for the various couscous and tagine entrées.’
      • ‘A racy little salad of roasted peppers and fresh parsley suits the imposing veal chop.’
      • ‘The restaurant's chicken adana is a juicy minced-chicken kebab underpinned by racy red pepper.’
      • ‘A big-boned and racy Languedoc Syrah, it has a warm perfumed nose that hints of heather and dried spices.’
      • ‘Clean, pure and racy, with crystalline fruit, the wines flicker across the tongue, leaving an intense, vivid length.’
      • ‘If racy, fresh, hauntingly zingy white wine is your bag, Austria is for you.’
    3. 1.3(of a vehicle or animal) designed or bred to be suitable for racing.
      ‘the yacht is fast and racy’
      • ‘She's a big, beautiful, racy mare who was honest, finishing first or second in 25 starts.’
      • ‘Several Polaris ATV models are used as farming and hunting quads but they are also reliable as a fast, racy, motocross style vehicle.’
      • ‘The range still includes stodgy saloons and people-carriers; there are no sports cars or racy coupés.’
      • ‘Summing it up in one sentence, she groaned, ‘I feel like a racy sports car that's being asked to act like a Ford pickup truck!’’
      • ‘For those who want to leave their cars on the sidelines and try out something a more racy, a £20 donation will get you a spin in a Porsche or Noble.’
      • ‘One thing this bike isn't is an aggressive, racy, messenger-style machine - it is a hardy performer.’
      • ‘The racy, muscular, correct filly is a half sister to Grade 3 winner Roman Envoy.’



/ˈrāsē/ /ˈreɪsi/