Definition of radio galaxy in English:

radio galaxy

Pronunciation /ˈrādēˌō ˌɡaləksē/ /ˈreɪdiˌoʊ ˌɡæləksi/


  • A galaxy emitting radiation in the radio-frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    ‘Over the past 30 years, the Ooty Radio Telescope has produced many important astronomical results on radio galaxies, quasars, supernovae, pulsars, the interstellar and interplanetary media.’
    • ‘‘Massive clusters are the cities of the Universe, and the radio galaxies within them are the smokestacks we can use for finding them when they are just beginning to form,’ Miley said.’
    • ‘Researchers conclude that the existence of winged radio galaxies proves that supermassive black holes collide.’
    • ‘Australian radio astronomers assisted Apollo moon missions and were first to identify the existence of radio galaxies, and numerous pulsars and quasars.’
    • ‘He was able to detect the Sun and about five radio galaxies, some of the most distant objects then known in the universe.’