Definition of radiotherapeutic in English:



See radiotherapy

‘Changes in use of chemotherapeutics and alterations of radiotherapeutic regimes may change survival of patients and are of interest in patients with either limited or advanced disease.’
  • ‘In the radiotherapeutic range, high-energy electron beams penetrate less than high-energy x-ray beams.’
  • ‘The emerging evidence that locoregional treatment affects mortality is persuasive, and efforts to optimise the surgical and radiotherapeutic management of this common disease should have a high priority.’
  • ‘As discussed above, these series must be interpreted carefully in light of the substantial heterogeneity in surgical and radiotherapeutic technique.’
  • ‘Chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic strategies induce apoptosis, so escape from programmed death signals is important.’



/ˌrādēōˌTHerəˈpyo͞odik/ /ˌreɪdioʊˌθɛrəˈpjudɪk/