Definition of radome in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrādōm/ /ˈreɪdoʊm/


  • A dome or other structure protecting radar equipment and made from material transparent to radio waves, especially one on the outer surface of an aircraft.

    • ‘During its service with the Navy, it was fitted with various radar radomes necessitating the larger fins.’
    • ‘A crew of three was required and they were housed in a single cockpit while radar was mounted in a radome at the front of the fuselage.’
    • ‘With the aid of a pair of good quality binoculars it was quite possible to see the rotating radome on the top of the aircraft's fuselage.’
    • ‘Work was eventually undertaken which included the installation of survey and mapping gear and the addition of a large radome under the bomb bay with another radome under the port wing.’
    • ‘The radar, installed in a radome on top of the main mast, carries out long-range air and surface surveillance and weapon control.’


1940s blend of radar and dome.



/ˈrādōm/ /ˈreɪdoʊm/