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rag doll

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  • 1A soft doll made from pieces of cloth.

    ‘A few mornings ago I started cutting out the pieces for a rag doll for Amelia's birthday.’
    • ‘They might be funny old things to look at, yet they have a simple honesty that makes us like them, in the way that we care for a favourite rag doll or knitted teddy.’
    • ‘It was a rag doll, stamped front and back on a piece of cloth that you cut out and sewed around and filled with sawdust.’
    • ‘For my fifth birthday I was given a model yacht, and a rag doll my mother made.’
    • ‘The act required no more effort than would a child shaking a rag doll.’
    • ‘The officer said it looked like she had been hurled about like a rag doll.’
    • ‘The thick criss-cross mess looked like the job your granny might do on an old rag doll.’
    • ‘Fannie Poteet sat cross-legged on her Uncle John's front porch; her favorite rag doll clutched under one arm.’
    • ‘The ship tossed her this way and that, moving her like a rag doll in the hands of an active three-year-old.’
    • ‘Cuddling with her rag doll every night, the girl was still just a small child, a small child in a big world of hatred.’
    • ‘I can only describe this object as looking like a rag doll.’
    • ‘Allegra bounded out of her hiding place, dragging her rag doll Ellie after her.’
    • ‘Whit's brown eyes widened before he stared dumbfounded at the talking rag doll.’
    • ‘The girls' mother looked at the rag doll, her nose wrinkled slightly in distaste.’
    • ‘The boy didn't seem to know what he was doing because the horse was going crazy and the little boy was being thrown around like a rag doll.’
    • ‘She pouted and formed eyes that made Aliena want to hug her like a rag doll.’
    • ‘The wall imploded behind my father, the force flinging him like a rag doll to land unmoving at our feet.’
    • ‘Emma bounced up and down on the horses back, she much resembled a rag doll being tossed about by a young boy.’
    • ‘They stared at the cute child, who held a limp rag doll dangling from her hand.’
    • ‘Within seconds, he had crumpled onto the ground like a lifeless rag doll.’
  • 2

    (also ragdoll)
    A cat of a breed noted for its docile temperament, having blue eyes and a medium- to long-haired silky coat and typically of a light color with dark points.

    as modifier ‘I bought a ragdoll kitten just over a year ago from what I thought was a respectable breeder’
    • ‘The body color of ragdolls may be platinum gray, milk white, ivory or fawn.’
    • ‘Last year the ragdoll ranked 20th among the 36 breeds registered by CFA.’
    • ‘Like a plush cat come to life, the Ragdoll is known for it total relaxation skills.’
    • ‘Another claim the breed's founder made was that Ragdoll cats feel no pain whatsoever.’
    • ‘When it comes to myths about Ragdoll Cats, ragdoll history is truly stranger than fiction.’
    • ‘It doesn't attain its full color until roughly two years of age, while adult weight and size are not achieved until the ragdoll is four years old or more.’
    • ‘Ragdolls are "the rising stars of the pedigree cat world," The Daily Telegraph reports.’
    • ‘The Ragdoll is a large sized cat that is muscular and long.’
    • ‘The ragdoll is slow to mature.’
    • ‘Though it shouldn't be expected to live up to some of the fantastic claims made on its behalf, the ragdoll is an extremely docile cat.’
    • ‘Originally from California in the 1960's, the Ragdoll came from a white longhair and a seal point Birman.’
    • ‘In CFA ragdolls compete in provisional classes, but they could become eligible for championship competition and full acceptance as a pedigreed breed as early as next year.’
    • ‘"Unknown in Britain before the early Eighties, there are now 6,000 of them in the country … and ragdolls are already the tenth most frequently exhibited breed at pedigree cat shows."’
    • ‘Because their undercoat is not so cottony or profuse as that of some other longhaired breeds, ragdolls do not require as much grooming.’
    • ‘Even though the coat is non-matting the Ragdoll needs to be groomed daily with a wide toothed comb.’
    • ‘Ragdolls should be treated with the same care and respect bestowed upon all other breeds.’
    • ‘"Ragdolls are supposed to be really placid, like their name suggests, but Porsche is more temperamental."’
    • ‘Meanwhile a dissident group of ragdoll breeders started the Ragdoll Fanciers' Club International (RFCI), which transferred allegiance and registrations to the more established cat registries.’
    • ‘"The ragdoll has an exceptionally gentle, well-balanced temperament," says one breeder, "but we should keep in mind that it is a cat, and allow it a few catty moments now and then!"’


rag doll

/ˈraɡ ˌdäl/ /ˈræɡ ˌdɑl/