Definition of rag trade in English:

rag trade


informalthe rag trade
  • The clothing or fashion industry.

    • ‘He worked in the rag trade for a number of years and even did a stint on the notorious Commercial Road in the East End, which he refers to as his ‘university in life’.’
    • ‘But even when he was in the rag trade, he never shied from controversy.’
    • ‘For the next nine years, Benson learned the rag trade and launched two labels - Patina and Clothespin.’
    • ‘It is interesting to see the quality ‘name’ brands in the rag trade that have garments manufactured in Asia.’
    • ‘The middle men of the rag trade have been having a busy week.’
    • ‘His next job was in the rag trade on the King's Road, selling hip clothes to the likes of Lou Reed, David Bowie and Marc Bolan.’
    • ‘So both were well qualified to write about the twin topics of religion and the rag trade, producing scripts that crackled with good lines yet stopped short of arousing religious controversy.’
    • ‘Luxury houses they may be, and indeed, the interiors are sometimes reminiscent of the classiest of hotels, but just as in the rag trade, the designer cachet comes with a hefty premium.’
    • ‘After half a life sentence in the rag trade, Tim has now escaped to fool about with old houses.’
    • ‘Ralphie - for readers ignorant of the rag trade - is Ralph Slater, the legendary Glasgow outfitter who is never knowingly undersold.’
    • ‘Sasha, which has 38 outlets and is targeting sales of €45m this year, is a unique animal in the rag trade.’
    • ‘Kevyn's entry to the rag trade was not the usual one of careful planning.’
    • ‘The diversity and energy of the rag trade is a guarantee of King Street's continued vibrancy.’
    • ‘It was also apparent that neither Louis nor his younger brother Bernie were interested in carrying on in the rag trade.’
    • ‘Do they have any concerns about the environment when they become involved in the rag trade?’
    • ‘The moguls of India's rag trade have been flashing on retailers' radar screens for years, of course.’
    • ‘Hong Kong and Singapore have also demonstrated interest in Australia's rag trade, helped at the moment by the low Australian dollar allowing buying budgets to stretch further.’
    • ‘London's rag trade copied the cut of her gowns and the elegance of her hats.’
    • ‘The rag trade is in his genes anyway - his maternal grandfather was a founder of Ian R England, the venerable Yorkshire textile firm famous for its worsted wool.’
    • ‘The Malton Clothing factory has just closed, its staff the latest victims of Britain's ailing rag trade.’


rag trade