Definition of raggedness in English:



See ragged

‘The film had the conspicuous raggedness of a work hijacked by circumstance.’
  • ‘Yet for all its raggedness, this tree has an air of captivating beauty, especially when it's fragile blooms veil it in white mists’
  • ‘Though the stop at the inn had allowed a chance to clean up somewhat there were still smut staining on their clothing and a raggedness about them.’
  • ‘I could hear the raggedness of his breathing and, after a moment, I felt his warm tears on my shoulder.’
  • ‘The patchy raggedness of the moult gave him a somewhat mangy appearance, but by the end of June he was smooth and as lean as a hungry wolf in his summer coat.’



/ˈraɡədnəs/ /ˈræɡədnəs/