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  • A yellow-flowered plant of the daisy family that is a common weed of grazing land. It is toxic to livestock, especially when dried.

    Genus Senecio, family Compositae: several species, including the ragged-leaved tansy ragwort (S. jacobaea)

    ‘Although the yellow-flowered ragwort is an attractive-looking plant, it is poisonous to animals and can cause skin reactions in people.’
    • ‘Common ragwort, with its distinctive yellow flowers, is a very hardy plant producing up to 150,000 seeds at a time, which can survive for up to 20 years.’
    • ‘Many landowners have to spend time, effort and money to clear the ragwort from our land that has been caused by the council's infestation.’
    • ‘Daisies usually call to mind open, dry fields bathed in sun, but ragwort is one daisy that thrives in shaded, wet soil.’
    • ‘On the line itself, ragwort and cow parsley grew almost as high as the platform, but in the gaps you could see the tracks were gone.’



/ˈraɡˌwərt/ /ˈræɡˌwərt/ /ˈraɡˌwôrt/ /ˈræɡˌwɔrt/