Definition of raise a laugh in English:

raise a laugh


  • Make people laugh.

    ‘I raised a laugh by pointing out that chapter 15 had been printed first’
    • ‘Others may well be shocked or slightly sickened by the film's determination to be as filthy rude as possible on the way to raising a laugh.’
    • ‘It's not particularly groundbreaking, but it's a good hour of fun that raises a laugh or two each week, which is as much as I expect these days.’
    • ‘Even in death, the comic genius has raised a laugh among his adoring fans.’
    • ‘I don't vouch for the suitability of all the stories, of course, but quite a few of them have raised a laugh.’
    • ‘The are few people in the world with whom I feel pretty sure I can say anything - anything - and neither shock nor fail to raise a laugh.’
    • ‘It's a pleasantly light-hearted affair that's guaranteed to raise a laugh.’
    • ‘But the theatre studies course Joseph took at school paid off and he even managed to raise a laugh.’
    • ‘It was certainly getting harder to raise a laugh from the audience, who were hot, sweaty and lethargic.’
    • ‘I assumed that the author wrote them in that way in order to raise a laugh.’
    • ‘On the other hand, all you've got to do to raise a laugh this month is to walk down the street.’