Definition of raj in English:


Pronunciation /räj/ /rɑdʒ/

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  • 1the rajhistorical British sovereignty in India.

    ‘the last days of the Raj’
    • ‘This set of essays written over a span of forty years from 1961 to 2002, examines the structure and working of the British Raj in India during the first half of Crown Rule.’
    • ‘Moreover, several police stations and even headquarters of the police divisions in the country continue to function on the methodology that has little changed since its inception during the British raj.’
    • ‘As far as loyalty to the British raj was concerned, one comes across several such letters by Gandhi in his early phase.’
    1. 1.1Indian Rule; government.
      in singular ‘they alleged that a “goonda raj” had been set up in the state’
      • ‘The licence-permit raj created passive consumers willing to buy any rubbish available.’
      • ‘Triplicane and Ice House areas have had a long history of goonda raj.’
      • ‘In a civilisation which boasts of panchayati raj in 5000 BC, democracy is still in its infancy.’
      • ‘Even today, a person wanting to drive a rickshaw, or to run a tea shop, suffers the same horrors of the license-permit-quota raj.’
      • ‘Excessive government control and the licence-permit raj paved the way for corruption, which has developed deep inroads in our community.’
      control, jurisdiction, command, power, sway, dominion, government, administration, sovereignty, leadership, ascendancy, supremacy, authority, direction, mastery, hegemony, regime, influence


From Hindi rāj ‘reign’.