Definition of ram through in English:

ram through

phrasal verb

  • ram something through, ram through somethingForce something through an approval process.

    ‘the bill was rammed through Congress with unusual haste’
    • ‘Scare the public and we can ram through anything we want.’
    • ‘Many fear a rubberstamp assembly packed with regime stooges will ram through a constitution that entrenches the army's grip on power.’
    • ‘Let's put aside for the moment the Administration's exploitation of the conflict to ram through unwise domestic laws unrelated to war.’
    • ‘The Dolester used his Senate position to ram through a special tax-break for the Gallo family, worth more than a hundred million dollars to them.’
    • ‘First, a serious change in the boundaries between safety and liberty was being redrawn, and yet the government tried to ram through its proposals in a single day.’
    • ‘He was dealt a humiliating defeat in a special election he called in November last year to try to ram through reforms contained in four measures that were roundly rebuffed by voters.’
    • ‘He tried to ram through some agricultural reforms, including cuts in subsidies, but a coalition of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland stopped him.’
    • ‘It was elected on a promise to govern for all the people and it has taken seven years to attempt to ram through the only piece of legislation that seeks to ban something which has no effect on either public safety or public health.’
    • ‘Backroom dealing short-circuited the process of meaningful compromise as the interim government and its international backers tried to ram through a sloppy, last-minute draft constitution.’
    • ‘The station, which got an €18 increase last September, now believes it can ram through a further hike of €45 to bring this annual tax to over €150.’
    • ‘But that is not the Government's objective, so it has given itself draconian ministerial powers to override local decision-making and ram through unpopular projects.’
    • ‘The select committee process is important, and I put it to this Committee that it is being abused in a very arrogant way by this Government, which is trying to ram through legislation with indecent haste.’
    • ‘The strikes have largely been provoked by Royal Mail to ram through far-reaching changes in working practices in the run-up to the privatisation of the remaining postal network.’
    • ‘Since then, the massive financial crisis in the German capital has been used to ram through previously unheard-of cutbacks to social programmes and infrastructure.’
    • ‘Lord had called an emergency sitting of the legislature on Friday to ram through a back-to-work order, which could still mean hefty penalties for the union and striking workers.’
    • ‘Transforming the Taskforce into a permanent fixture on the construction landscape is a central plank in a Bill the Federal Government is trying to ram through Parliament.’
    • ‘Ontario's Tory government has seized control of public school boards in the province's three largest urban centers in order to ram through massive spending cuts.’
    • ‘The other major issue to anger voters was the government's decision to ram through highly unpopular legislation to change Japan's national pension scheme.’
    • ‘Between 1976 and 1978 public spending fell by nearly 10 percent, far more than any later Tory government managed to ram through.’